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I’m Rita Roushdy. As a Success Coach, I help Online Service Providers Increase Their Sales Via Structured 1-1 Coaching Programs 

It’s been 8 years since I graduated. It’s also been 8 years since I started my first business.

I’ve been on a self development journey most of my life, it all started with my first business coming straight out of university. 

I’ve started and built multiple businesses throughout the past 8 years, I’ve achieved multiple 5 figure months and been featured in national press. My achievements and experiences have allowed me to develop success proven step by step processes that I now implement with ease and share with my clients to achieve success every single time.

When I have translated my experiences into processes was when I achieved extraordinary success.

My mission is to help you achieve success in half the time and the fraction of the price that it took me to learn through trials and error.

Wherever you are on your journey, you 


As a Success Mindset and Business Coach, I help ambitious coaches, consultants and marketeers who are ready to grow their 6 figure businesses so they can achieve financial freedom and extraordinary success within themselves and their businesses.

  • ​Been an entrepreneur for 8+ years
  • Achieved 5 figure months
  • Been featured in numerous online and print National Online And Print Articles including BDaily, Chronicle, Chasseur and The Journal
  • ​Been featured on Made In Tyne & Wear TV
  • Developed bulletproof systems & processes to maximise success every time
  • Seamstress and Clothing Manufacturing Business
  • Launched and ran an international ​Fashion Events Company for 3+ years which later pivoted into an Online Fashion Marketplace
  • ​Developed bulletproof systems & processes to maximise success every time
  • 2 years ago, I became an property investor and developer
  • Extended my client reach all over the world​
  • Travelled all over the world to places such as New York, London & Singapore

Rita came into my life so unexpectedly. I was asking for advice within a group and Rita reached out to me. She took the time to listen to me carefully and give the advice I needed to hear as well as the resources to support making changes. Just from a consulting session, I feel like I’ve made positive changes to my life! Thanks Rita!

Reem Aldeen


I have found the perfect accountability partner in Rita, she has been coaching me for several weeks now and with her help I'm able to get progress in my business journey. She asks the right questions and gives solid advice. I'm grateful for her help!


Stefaan De Vreese

Matchup Media, Belguim

Rita is an AMAZING success and mindset coach. I went into our call not knowing what to expect, but she was able to ask targeted questions to bring clarity to my business. Before talking to her I was lost, but now I feel empowered to niche down and get focused. I highly recommend anyone looking to take their business to the next level hire Rita!

Robin Weaver

Smart Stress Solution, New Jersey, USA