Hi I'm Rita
& I'm so grateful to have you here​

I'd love to share my story with you, may be you can resonate with a part or all of it...

Starting From Scratch

From the age of 22 (I guess I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial) I jumped into my first small fashion business and found so many road blocks and from those road blocks I created a solution and a new business was born. This company’s mission was to help new and upcoming fashion designers with navigating through the overwhelmed that the early years of business is known to bring. One business lead to another, a pivot lead to another, almost 10 years later and I’ve managed to diversify my income. 

My Why

3 years ago, my friend was suffering from depression and anxiety and (although I was no licensed therapist) I knew I could help due to my extensive personal development and mindset work, and wish I had the opportunity to help before it was too late. It tore me apart to know that a friend was in so much pain and fear that she saw no way out.

And that’s when I set the intention to share what I know can help make others’ lives better. I now specialise in Money Mindset & Business, cause how could I not with 10 years of experience behind me… 

Seeing The Opportunity in Lockdown

Having already had a wide range of sources from which my income was coming, a few sources were put on hold as the lockdown took full effect, but others still continued to come through, things like rental property, retainers from some clients as well as other design and technical fashion services that didn’t require face to face interactions.

But I still had a lot more time on my hands, so I’ve decided to take the opportunity a pandemic proof myself, take control of my life, my financial security and help others do the same, all in one swift move. 

It turns out there's more for me to learn...

Going into this business, all guns blazing: “having had almost 10 years in business… of course, I can make this a success too, give me a couple of months” I said as I built the first version of this website haha!

A couple of months in, I knew I wanted to be more, I knew I could be more, and that I had more in me to give, but I didn’t know exactly how to show up with all that I am, all that I have and who I could truly help, I mean who even is ‘the ideal client’ anyway… Do I make them up? Do I base them on a specific person? Coaching truly was like no other business I’ve started before, and that’s saying something!

Something just didn’t add up… and I had no idea what it was and how to fix it

I felt fed up, unappreciated and undervalued by the wrong people and unhappy and dreamed of having everything fall into place effortlessly like I know it can, and like it has happened to me in the past… 

But what was missing?

I kept asking myself… What am I doing wrong? Am I not doing enough? Or is it that I’m not doing enough of the right things?

And I knew all about the mindset work that needs to be done… you know, the gratitude, the affirmations and the believing… BUT I DID believe, so why was it not converting into clients? The right clients who could truly make the most of all of my genius? And the right clients who see the value in investing high ticket prices?

I knew there was trauma living inside me, but I honestly had no idea how much it has been affecting my progress in achieving the results I desired and signing up high paying clients in my coaching business. 

And not until I invested in my 1-1 coach that everything effortlessly fell into place. 

I not only began healing my life from the inside out, and truly healing the trauma, releasing the blocks and activating my attraction powers, I began to see results in my business too!

My energy shifted and with it my life and business. 

Ohh that was it… It’s not enough to believe, I have to lean into the fear and invest in myself.. I get it now!

My self worth and confidence has skyrocketed ever since and with it my bank balance.

This all happened because I truly believed that I can do it, by investing in myself, my growth and my transformation, and with that investment I sent a universal message that I am worth investing in, and my clients have received that message and began to do the same. 

It was officially (and finally) in motion… My purpose of helping 1 million women up-level their lives, their business and achieving their financial freedom began the moment I handed over my credit card to my 1-1 coach. 

And if I can live my purpose, passion to make a difference in others’ lives AND be successful at the same time, I know that you can too!

Every single person has everything inside them to achieve their true vision and live a life by design and all it takes is someone to help them unlock their potential and help them activate their attraction powers so that it feels like an effortless journey. 

With every level you desire to rise, there’s a new depth you’ll need to go in order to heal and rise higher, and higher. 

My Intention & Mission

My intention is to work with 1 million women to help them create the high impact and the financial freedom that they dream of by

  • Healing their old wounds & trauma 
  • Release their ingrained money blocks 
  • Reprogramming their old paradigm around money & self worth 
  • Finding their voice 
  • Finding a balance of doing enough of the right things and allowing flow 
  • Activating their attraction powers