Are you ready to become Money magnetic?

If you've answered yes, then you're in the right place and I'm so grateful to be able to support you on your journey​


Are you struggling to hit your next big financial goal? 

Are you doing all of the strategies, yet nothing seems to be working? 

When this happens, it’s an indication that some deep and profound mindset and inner work is required in order to elevate your life and business into the next income ceiling. 

I spend most of my time with clients to clear as many money blocks as we possibly can, and rebuild new healthy money mindset habits as we go along our time together.

Together, we deep dive into the belief system to reprogram the perceptions and beliefs around money. 

As well as working on different levels of your conscious mind to eliminate habits whether that is the language you use, or certain behaviours when it comes to the ways you earn, spend or save money.

Don’t take my word for it, below are some testimonials from past clients.

What my clients are saying...

Katie said...

"I've just had an incredible coaching session with Rita. I came into the session because I wasn't attracting the things that I wanted to attract into my business, I was still bringing in lack, and I've been suffering with this for about 2 years. When I had my session with Rita, within 10 minutes she had worked out where I was going wrong and how I could fix it. She gave me all of these different activities that I can carry on and do in my own time. I felt like Rita really listened to me and it was a super safe space so I could open up and get the help I really needed to with my mindset.

Rita's absolutely amazing and I highly recommend her if you're struggling with any aspect of your mindset."

Lore & Xime said...

"We were facing some challenges, we were unsure about our next steps, we wanted to have a clearer message to communicate effectively with our audience, so we contacted Rita and we had a really really good session with her.

During the session, she helped us clarify what would be our next step in our business and she reminded us the importance of measuring our goals. We were also having trouble establishing our pricing and she helped really good feedback that was relevant to our industry. And also we learned that it's really important to understand the real value of our service. Thank you so much, I highly recommend Rita as a business coach."

Rebecca said...

Rita and I started by looking at where I felt there were weaknesses in my mindfulness in relation to my business life. 

What we ended up doing was quite spectacular. By sitting down with me for an hour (over zoom no less) she was able to unearth the blocks that kept me from achieving my goals, and they were ones that I didn't know existed until she drew them out. Then it all made sense. Since our call she has checked in with me and held me accountable to the areas of my habits and life that I can change. The last few weeks I have felt lighter, less stressed and I suppose more free to access my best self.

Robin said...

Rita is an AMAZING mindset coach. I went into our call not knowing what to expect, but she was able to ask targeted questions to bring clarity to my business. Before talking to her, I was a bit lost, but now I feel empowered to niche down and get focused. I highly recommend anyone looking to take their business to the next level to hire Rita!

Are you ready to consistently hit your financial goals?