Manifest Money Visualisation

Access Your Big Money Goals Instantly...

Imagine you JUST achieved your biggest money goal. 
How would it feel?  

Want to know something magical? Your subconscious mind doesn’t actually know the difference between something you’ve imagined and something that’s already happened. 

So, one of the most powerful ways to manifest is to FIRST see it in your mind’s eye (even before it happens) and FEEL into the emotions of achieving your goal. 

This image helps your brain associate optimism and other positive feeling with the thought of achieving your goal, instead of feeling insecure about your chances of achieving it.

Who's Rita Roushdy?

International Award Winning Money Mindset Expert 
For High-Level Online Female Coaches

I’ve been called to step into my highest purpose to empower women heal their money wounds, activate their magnetic powers and attract their dream clients with ease.

 We work to align their vibrational frequency with their wildest dreams and desires, and guide them as they break free from the shackles of limiting beliefs and fear blocks that no longer serves them.

This allows them to step into their financial abundance with ease and flow, from expected and unexpected sources.

They’re certainly in safe hands in a NLP, EFT Expert and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.